Company profile

The Henan chestnut garden food drink limited company had been established in 2004, is situated at township of the Chinese longevity, place of the Chinese keeping in good health, the world geology park rapes under the foot of a hill Henan chestnut garden food drink limited company (to hereafter refer to as “chestnut garden”) the total investment 150,000,000 Yuan, is a fair scientific research, the development, the production is a body comprehensive food enterprise.Main camp: Take the body alkali as the leading soda water drink series, take the rainstorm energy as the leading Vitamin drink series, take the golden six rich walnuts as the leading albumen drink series and so on, its water source source from China “township of, the keeping in good health place of the longevity” the world geology park, the country forest park rapes the sierra deep rock layer water.
The company present product cover soda water drink, the protein drink, the function drink, the fruits and vegetables drink, the lactobacillus drink and so on more than ten categories, the high nutrition superiority becomes the market favor pet.
The company in under the big strategic concept direction, persisted take the big list “the body alkali” the series soda water drink product as the core, this series product displays not merely in the powerful marketing promotion strategy, more is depends on the product unique processing technology, the scientific formula and the high quality feeling in the mouth, caused it to win group after group the faithful consumer's favor.Body alkali soda water by “light taste, weak basicity, sweet neat” the quality, becomes the product the core demand.
The health, is each person's demand; The health, is the chestnut gardener's pursue. Not only “enables the Chinese all to drink the healthy drinks” is everybody wish, is the chestnut gardener's mission and the long-cherished wish.The trust, has the multitudinous customers and trillion consumer's support, has the chestnut garden all staff to strive for success furiously, chestnut garden tomorrow will certainly be able to be happier! 



  • Henan chestnut garden food and Beverage Co., Ltd. was founded


  • The company has been identified as "Henan famous trademark""


  • The company has been designated as "China's well-known trademark""


  • In the Nanjing rum, chestnut park once again won the "growth star growth enterprise" award